A Dogs Breakfast? Not with this Vintage Wrinkles Dog Tray!

Once a year, I get ready for this one sale. I clear the calendar as soon as my local newsletter tells me this sale is a go. It’s a country sale where you pay $10 to get in but you can take whatever you want. Also known as the best day ever!

Kid in a candy store type emotions and looks fill the room. Surprisingly this isn’t like Walmart on Black Friday, people aren’t greedy, however they definitely move swiftly especially those grabbing the electronics.

It was the BIG day and the first thing I grabbed was two retro 1980’s Wrinkles dogs trays (1981, 1984) by Ganz a Canadian toy company that currently appears to focus on heritage collections.

Even though I was born in 1985, these trays called out to me, I totally remembered these dogs. These trays brought me back to a time when my parents would set-up the TV tables and we would eat dinner while watching The Simpsons on a Sunday night. These metal TV trays have a nice stand which is totally handy.

The trays are more rare than the stuffies and a pair in good condition could fetch likely $60 though it really depends on finding the right buyer. Wrinkle dog stuffed toys and puppets are still around and sell for around $25-$30 each.

Wanna have a smile? Check YouTube for a 1980’s Wrinkles Commercial, its THE BEST. Whether you like toys, hounds or history this find is just a joyful treat for ones lap.

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

~Mark Twain

Back to the future

Hey Friends,

I hope you have had a great few months! I am back and it’s time to share new plans for the future with you.

The thought of shutting down this blog made me sad, so I decided I am going to keep it. I tried out Instagram and tested the waters but realized there is something I really like about having a blog. So I am sticking with it!

A ton in the world of vintage, antiques and upcycling (fixer uppers) has occurred lately and I can’t wait to share all the juicy details with you. I also can’t wait to chat with you and hear all about what you have been up to!

Also, I have been a busy beaver and recently started (as promised) a blog all about the good old environment: http://greenbff.com   Green Best Friend Forever – is all about doing little everyday things, that make a big difference.

All together what I want my writing to promote is that you can make due with the old and don’t really need the new. Some things you have to buy but most things aren’t really needed. It’s all about reusing, restoring and repurposing.

Stay tuned…




Brace yourself for a nice finish

Holy man, I missed you guys…

Our rabbit had 9 babies, I have been trying to make my green thumb a little more green and I am on a severe mission to save the bat & bee population. One bee-sy and fantastic June!

Also within 15 minutes of my home, it was decided to open one massive dump site so I am trying to jump on the dump-the-dump bandwagon. In the midst of all this, I have been recycling, up-cycling and garage sale visiting like a maniac. I hope your summer is off to a good start and spring treated you well.

I must say today’s finds are really different & cool.

For starters: A vintage Beam’s Choice Indian Maiden (Charles M. Russell) bottle – 4/5 Quart -I got this for $5 you could sell it for up to $15US but if you find one you may want to keep it as its got a sick finish and really eye catching imagery. These types of bottles were used as decanters (usually for whiskey) in the late 1960’s.

Sometimes I also find miscellaneous objects to be most intriguing. I found this double handled pot and just fell for it. It has such a neat design on it and is solid. I am still pricing this out and learning how to decipher if something once had a lid.

It’s like a treasure hunt, in a way, and you’re a detective ~Jeff Warwick



Flooding in Ottawa, Garage Sales & Wet Weekend Woes

I just put down the hammer for a few minutes to write this post. I am building a boat “an Ark” that me and my animals can use perhaps at some point this weekend. Noah and I aren’t friends, so I can’t call him up and I believe you should always be prepared.

Ottawa, ON is getting hit with more rain and has already been hit pretty hard. The river on my property is the highest its been in years and my dad lives near another river which is slowly swallowing the land around it. Flooding is scary and being someone who has experienced a flood in my basement only (which was terrible enough) I feel the need to talk about this a little…flush it out

Not only is garage sale season a.k.a. the best time of the year to grasp vintage & antique finds being delayed & shortened due to the weather but it’s got me thinking about the environment. I’ve seen a drastic change in the weather even over the past 2 years…

  • Crazy ass wind and stronger storms! My trees are all broken, breaking or falling over on my property!
  • One hot summer last year and a record hot summer for some areas (good for peppers in my garden, not so good for lettuce)
  • Large amounts of rainfall right now and flooding all over the place
  • One-day nuts snowfall records

Global warming, climate change or a coincidence – call it what you will but something is up. In an effort to save our planet or do what I can to make a difference, I am turning it into high gear fellow vintage & antique friends.

Here are some small things one can do to make a difference:

  1. Buy used clothing ONLY (get on the vintage bandwagon with me or get some nearly new finds at thrift stores) – Fast fashion as they call it is causing mega problems. Clothing ends up in the trash in astronomical amounts and due to the way most clothing is made it does not compost/biodegrade properly.
  2. Repurpose furniture, purchase used furniture ONLY or properly recycle your belongings When items are manufactured (created, shipped etc.) they create some sort of emissions and when you buy stuff second-hand you are cutting that out to some degree. You are also using something for a longer duration (extending its lifespan) which is great! You can also feel good because you are saving landfill space & perhaps saving some trees going this route. I am only going to buy used! I am only going to bring my unwanted items to a thrift store or give away- on Kijiji Free.
  3. Cut down on my meat intake (LESS MEAT TO EAT) I did some immense reading after a horrible fishkill in my river and found out Cow poo poo is more of a threat to the environment these days than car pollution. I love me some beef but I eat it way too much – I over consume and as a whole we (the world) over consumes. Everything you see around suggests take a bike to work, carpool blah blah blah (which yes will help too and is great) but I discovered livestock contribute more to our earths destruction than cars currently do. Perhaps this is up for debate but the latest facts don’t lie!

I personally love antiques & aged clothing because I find the quality much better, they are original and I do feel they contribute to a greener earth. I hope to share some of my thrift store & garage sale deals with you all very soon, in the meantime try to stay dry. If I spend this weekend indoors I may just go stir crazy thinking about if this rainfall warning is part of a bigger problem – I need to care (and do) more about.

My thoughts are with those dealing with Flooding (Floods) in Ontario, Québec and abroad.