IMG_1909A little background on a Wednesday evening…

I came across this Vintage (1987) Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus King Tusk Elephant Plush Stuffed Animal in my dad’s garage.

It currently retails online between $15-$30 depending on the condition of the stuffy.

King Tusk is deemed [today] as the “The Crown Jewel of India.”

Elephants are my absolute favourite animal so it instantly grabbed my attention however to be frank I am not a huge fan of the circus these days.

When I was a little kid I remember going to the circus once when it came to the Ottawa area. A neighbourhood boy that had a little crush on me took me with him and his parents. I recall a lot of lights, action and blushing. IMG_1910

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus® has been around for many decades touring around America. Though the circus is still around and has been for many years I do not see a ton of collectibles these days which is why I thought I would share this piece (more detail on my previous find of the week) in a post.

Some other Ringling collectibles include mugs, decals, posters and peanut & popcorn bags.

While on the topic, I recently heard about the human chandelier “hairialists” accident involving nine performers in Rhode Island during a Ringling Bros performance – I wish them a speedy recovery.




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