IMG_20150923_170630Dear Readers,

This blog is usually all about vintage & antique (and I intend to keep it that way) however something near and dear happened today and I would like to spread the news.

I received a frantic message today from my partner that said all the fish were dying in the river. I called him immediately since our house sides on the Castor River to find out what exactly was going on.

Every fish in the water (there are hundreds) was coming up for air and slowly one by one
they were dying off. It started with the big fish, then the medium fish, then the small fish. As you can imagine the crayfish, water bugs and anything else in the water was grasping onto life as well. Essentially the river started bustling (loudly) as everything was flapping in the water helplessly and flying onto theIMG_20150923_170827-2 shoreline to get oxygen.

He mentioned he called the spill line and made a report since what else could it possibly be. He also tried the conservation line but couldn’t reach anyone. Within the next 30 minutes I called everyone (Enviro) in my power who I thought would also care or could help. I rushed home since based on my chats I was told someone would meet me at the river on my street yet it seemed that nobody came. After follow-up calls I did find out someone came to test the water and left before I got home. Apparently other neighbourhood residents saw the same thing and reported it as well.

I ran to the backyard instantly to see what was going on and I was shocked at what I found. Many different species of fish dead, crayfish trying to escape the water on rocks, large fish with their mouths as wide open as open can be – all dead. We have a large amount of frogs in the river and they were all running around on shore. I have never seen something so disturbing in my life.

The water looks funny even at this hour, smells funny and all I was told from the spill line is they got a water sample and they are investigating.IMG_20150923_171321

What the heck is this? Half of the fish may of been dead but when I got home some of them were still coming up for air and alive. I am amazed that there is no lets try to save the turtles, frogs and remaining fish and wildlife strategy. What about the beavers and other water inhabitants?

It was not a lost cause by any means a couples hours in – something could of been done to save those remaining. I don’t care if this sounds unrealistic or childish – this is the day and age where we have the knowledge and the technology (means) to intervene – so why don’t we use it?

Instead there I am with a bucket in hand and rain boots on walking into toxic water to try and pick up the pieces. I would have saved ever last minnow.

IMG_20150923_171254I have no idea what contaminated the river water and I plan to share this story with everyone in an effort to say – we are not doing a good enough job.

There is prevention and there is taking action when something actually happens and it seems like nobody has a plan of attack.

Great charge a person for dumping obviously that is important…but what if we also used the meantime to save what was remaining?

A water sample does nothing today – it only helps tomorrow.

This is not a “How To” I just wasn’t sure how to classify it!




11 thoughts on “All the fish are dying in the Castor River and all I got is a water sample?

  1. Jewlz – I am puzzled by your article regarding fish dying in the Castor River. I have contacted Township & they are not aware of this situation. Can you give me a bit more information on where abouts on the Castor you saw this happening? Thanks.

  2. You might want to contact the river keepers. They advocate for safe water measures and the protection of our waterways. If this is a deliberate act of water sabotage, we can only hope that these criminals can be made accountable for this heinous action.

    1. Good Evening,

      Thank you for your email. I was in contact with them today and will be keeping them apprised of water conditions, what I see and sending images so we have this incident well recorded. I am a nature lover and this has really shook me to the core. All of the fish continue to rise to the surface and the smell is getting worse as the hours go by. I now have to get into contact with others to figure out how dead creatures as a result of spills are to be cleaned up and disposed of. I imagine the longer they sit they the worse off the river will be!

  3. Hello I would like a contact number because I live in St. Albert on the castor river and use the water from the river for many thing. I’m can’t believe it contaminated?maybe I will call the south nation conservative.

    1. That (contacting the conservation) would be your best bet! Also try natural resources or the Ontario spill line. Hopefully they can provide you with an update on the water quality. I live in Kenmore and side on the Castor River. My article was pertaining to Kenmore but obviously my concern is bigger as water travels.

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