IMG_20150924_181505Since the manure spill in the Castor River mid last week, to my surprise, not much has transpired.

I tried my best to get the word out there to all the people who I would consider “large communication channels” – people with a voice to spread the word to citizens/residents in a quick and legitimate manner.

Funny enough everyone I mention it “the spill” to in the area of Kenmore (Ontario) did not even know it occurred. The popular response has been;

“Nope, never heard of it!”

People’s dogs take a daily splash in the river, neighbourhood kids play near the water (sometimes even go in it) and nature enthusiasts go for canoe rides. My question is would they still do this if they knew the water was disturbingly dirty and potentially harmful?

Some dead fish still remain along the shoreline but due to the rain tonight, they are mostly slowly floating down stream. I should mention that all the big dead fish on my shoreline were all devoured by likely vultures and animals over the past few days. I have fish jaws and the remains of fish all over the place.

I am by no means a water or wildlife expert and I would love if someone IMG_20150924_180718can tell me if fish that die from a manure spill should be left out for days. Can they spread disease or cause harm to other animals that eat them? Please chime in if you know the answer.

To date nobody I contacted knew the answer. Some mentioned I should clean up the fish myself using garbage bags or alternatively bury them. Option number three was to let them just decompose naturally on my property. Apparently we do this ALL THE TIME.

After this experience I ask myself, how many innocent creatures have to die before an incident becomes significant these days?

5, 50, 500, 5000, 50,000?

I am not even certain if the culprit of the spill is even being charged or if they even reported the spill on their own in the first place. Does anyone know this for certain?

Some fish for thought:

Aren’t there catch limits and restrictions for people who have a license and fish in Ontario? If you fish without a license aren’t there fines? How is it that someone can kill plenty of fish and destroy an ecosystem with no fee or penalty?

Seeing is believing and what I see is a big gap in our protection of our ecosystems. Our freshwater friends do not have a voice so I intend to give them one.

Before I depart this post I would like to thank those that have contacted me on this topic and covered this story on the news. Every bit of discussion and exposure helps.

Note: I am having issues loading videos (of the results of the spill) on my blog but will get them up as soon as possible.



2 thoughts on “Castor River Fish Kill – Look who’s talking now!

  1. Hi! I live on this same river, at the edge of Embrun and Casselman. I will send this to my dear friend who has association ties with South Nstion Conservation. People fish this way, kayak, and my dog takes his bath in the river when it is hot. I have not yet seen any dead stuff coming down, however we do have a pump hooked to the river and it is oily. Thx for sharing!!!
    Wendy, from Lauren’s yoga class!

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