Dear Readers,

What a crazy year or two! I have a ton of stuff to update you on and 2018 will be a year of new. A new blog, new look and new topics! Right now, I am busy focusing on my fam jam and this includes helping my big sister. Please read her story here and please feel free to share her story (URL – on your Facebook or social media.

Life can be a game of luck & circumstance. A moment can change everything. Luck then intervenes or it doesn’t. Some people just need a little luck or better circumstances.

The written word is a powerful tool and we all have the ability to care and share, which is a great thing. Thank you for your time and chat with you in the New Year.

A message to all the strong sisters in the world: People that don’t know you, should know you because you are an inspiration. You are the toughest person I know both mentally and physically. You always giggle and find humour in the little things life has to offer and I love this about you. I hope you go to bed tonight knowing that I admire you and look up to you, as the big sister you are to me. I hope this New Year is full of health & happiness.

All the best now & always!




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