Some of the most stunning and unique treasures to me are the ones that have previously belonged to someone else’s history.

My love of things of the past came at a young age after spending countless hours antique & vintage household item hunting with my father. I quickly started to appreciate the rarity of the objects I found, interesting aesthetics and the story behind where they derived from.

I have a passion to uncover timeless pieces and enjoy re-purposing them to give them new life.

Over the past few years my heart has also become invested in not only home décor but clothing and accessoires as well. My home was fitted with all the gems I would come across and a true reflection of me for many years now it was only natural that my style would follow the same pattern. My closet is its own fashion statement representative of years gone by.

It is about the chase, the sentimental value and the feeling.

After spending many hours talking about the things I discover I wanted to create a quality online resource for people seeking information about all things antique and vintage. I also tend to come across trendy shops and other neat things worth sharing so from time to time you may see some different things referenced.

I am 31 years old (started this blog at age 28) so did grow up with all the items I chat about. This hobby is a continuous learning process for me and will be forever. I one day (soon) hope to open my very own Antique and Vintage shop in a bustling country town.

Currently I am writing out of Ottawa, Ontario Canada so you will see upcoming events and news relating to the area/surrounding area. With this being said I plan on providing a wider scope (location) of event details.

That community “feeling” is very important to me so if you love antiques and vintage items as much as I do you are in the right place.

Hope you enjoy!



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