The written word is a powerful tool!

Dear Readers,

What a crazy year or two! I have a ton of stuff to update you on and 2018 will be a year of new. A new blog, new look and new topics! Right now, I am busy focusing on my fam jam and this includes helping my big sister. Please read her story here and please feel free to share her story (URL – on your Facebook or social media.

Life can be a game of luck & circumstance. A moment can change everything. Luck then intervenes or it doesn’t. Some people just need a little luck or better circumstances.

The written word is a powerful tool and we all have the ability to care and share, which is a great thing. Thank you for your time and chat with you in the New Year.

A message to all the strong sisters in the world: People that don’t know you, should know you because you are an inspiration. You are the toughest person I know both mentally and physically. You always giggle and find humour in the little things life has to offer and I love this about you. I hope you go to bed tonight knowing that I admire you and look up to you, as the big sister you are to me. I hope this New Year is full of health & happiness.

All the best now & always!




FLOOD RELIEF – LETS HELP OUR NEIGHBOURS (Clarence-Rockland & Area Floods)

Dear Ottawa (& Surrounding Area) Residents,

This is really close to home! Clarence-Rockland declared a state of emergency due to the local floods. As you may know more rainfall is expected for the remainder of the week.

My sisters (in Clarence-Rockland, ON) and Father (in Cumberland, ON) both live one street away from the horrible river flooding.  Please check out this Facebook page on how/where you can help area residents:

Rockland Flood Relief Facebook Page (for additional information visit the News Room section on the City website)

Let’s help the City of Clarence-Rockland – La Cité Clarence Rockland!!! Please spread the word.

Many thanks,



Flooding in Ottawa, Garage Sales & Wet Weekend Woes

I just put down the hammer for a few minutes to write this post. I am building a boat “an Ark” that me and my animals can use perhaps at some point this weekend. Noah and I aren’t friends, so I can’t call him up and I believe you should always be prepared.

Ottawa, ON is getting hit with more rain and has already been hit pretty hard. The river on my property is the highest its been in years and my dad lives near another river which is slowly swallowing the land around it. Flooding is scary and being someone who has experienced a flood in my basement only (which was terrible enough) I feel the need to talk about this a little…flush it out

Not only is garage sale season a.k.a. the best time of the year to grasp vintage & antique finds being delayed & shortened due to the weather but it’s got me thinking about the environment. I’ve seen a drastic change in the weather even over the past 2 years…

  • Crazy ass wind and stronger storms! My trees are all broken, breaking or falling over on my property!
  • One hot summer last year and a record hot summer for some areas (good for peppers in my garden, not so good for lettuce)
  • Large amounts of rainfall right now and flooding all over the place
  • One-day nuts snowfall records

Global warming, climate change or a coincidence – call it what you will but something is up. In an effort to save our planet or do what I can to make a difference, I am turning it into high gear fellow vintage & antique friends.

Here are some small things one can do to make a difference:

  1. Buy used clothing ONLY (get on the vintage bandwagon with me or get some nearly new finds at thrift stores) – Fast fashion as they call it is causing mega problems. Clothing ends up in the trash in astronomical amounts and due to the way most clothing is made it does not compost/biodegrade properly.
  2. Repurpose furniture, purchase used furniture ONLY or properly recycle your belongings When items are manufactured (created, shipped etc.) they create some sort of emissions and when you buy stuff second-hand you are cutting that out to some degree. You are also using something for a longer duration (extending its lifespan) which is great! You can also feel good because you are saving landfill space & perhaps saving some trees going this route. I am only going to buy used! I am only going to bring my unwanted items to a thrift store or give away- on Kijiji Free.
  3. Cut down on my meat intake (LESS MEAT TO EAT) I did some immense reading after a horrible fishkill in my river and found out Cow poo poo is more of a threat to the environment these days than car pollution. I love me some beef but I eat it way too much – I over consume and as a whole we (the world) over consumes. Everything you see around suggests take a bike to work, carpool blah blah blah (which yes will help too and is great) but I discovered livestock contribute more to our earths destruction than cars currently do. Perhaps this is up for debate but the latest facts don’t lie!

I personally love antiques & aged clothing because I find the quality much better, they are original and I do feel they contribute to a greener earth. I hope to share some of my thrift store & garage sale deals with you all very soon, in the meantime try to stay dry. If I spend this weekend indoors I may just go stir crazy thinking about if this rainfall warning is part of a bigger problem – I need to care (and do) more about.

My thoughts are with those dealing with Flooding (Floods) in Ontario, Québec and abroad.


Prep for the 200th post & more action

pendalumDear cherished readers,

I wanted to tell you that my blog is undergoing some major design/ usability construction right now.  I am approaching my 200th post and I am streamlining a few things to make your experience here truly amazing.

Guess what? I am also getting a new cellphone (mine is a dinosaur but I had become so attached) so I can get on Instagram in a big way.  You will see some new things (not the stuff, it’s always antique or vintage, but the content haha) in March! Get ready for some wicked times together!

I appreciate you continued views, visits and shares.


Antiques & Animal Exposure

elephantsR.I.P HARAMBE (17 Year Old Western Lowland Silver-Back Gorilla) – Cincinnati Zoo 

This post was inspired by recent events and people relaying that all zoos are bad zoos and serve no purpose.

When I was a child I grew up with no money to travel, never went to Africa or anywhere I wanted to go. Even as an adult I struggle to find the extra income to go off and see all the beautiful animals of the world in their natural habitat.

If it were not for zoos, I do not think that elephants would be my favourite animal, nor do I think that I would have ever seen one (in person) in my lifetime so far.

I am learning right now about the ivory trade because of my work in antiques and because of my love of elephants have become a strong advocate against the sale of items using animal parts for profit.

I would say that what occurred (at the Cincinnati Zoo) is tragic but the pro to having zoos is that they are not only used as a educative piece but give exposure to many people that otherwise may not have the opportunity (to view these animals and creatures) which in the end may assist with developing a larger following of animals lovers in the world.

A child falling into a cage at the zoo is one part a parental observation problem, one part child not listening (likely) problem and a one part zoo does not have proper measures or security in place problem. Secondly a series of people screaming problem (and worrying the gorilla) and a quick decision making moment – wrapped up into one unfortunate scenario.

I am upset about what happened but I would still say that zoos serve a purpose even though some could for sure be better managed. I understand “the cons” of the zoo but was feeling the need to share one big pro. Love elephants as much as I do, check out my past elephant posts:

  1. PBS Antiques Roadshow Takes a Stand for Elephants
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