Do it up real nice with Americana Decor

Hey there,


T.G.I.F!!!! I wanted to share something special with you guys tonight. Good paint!

I got a used bar/pub table last night with 3 chairs. I really liked the chair design (seen in before table photo in distance) and it was $80 for all since there were some cup stains on the table and scratches throughout the pieces.

I bought some paint a while ago and hadn’t tried it out yet – its called Americana® DECOR™ and I found it at Walmart in the paint area.

I got the Chalky Finish in a few different colours. It was under 15 bucks and though the jars are little, the coverage/jar is really great.


It took only 30 minutes to dry after applying a light coat and I did a second coat.

Within an hour I have transformed these recycled goods. I am still working on the chairs but almost done.



I decided to redecorate the living room so will send you photos of all my new vintage & antique finds later next week. I will also show you the finished set.

I hope you have a nice weekend and try this stuff sometime! In case you go shopping here is the stuff to look for <to the left


Prep for the 200th post & more action

pendalumDear cherished readers,

I wanted to tell you that my blog is undergoing some major design/ usability construction right now.  I am approaching my 200th post and I am streamlining a few things to make your experience here truly amazing.

Guess what? I am also getting a new cellphone (mine is a dinosaur but I had become so attached) so I can get on Instagram in a big way.  You will see some new things (not the stuff, it’s always antique or vintage, but the content haha) in March! Get ready for some wicked times together!

I appreciate you continued views, visits and shares.


Does this antique map lead to treasure?

How this $20 thrift store find started an adventure!

I once heard a story about a man who found a map at a thrift store and became an instant millionaire. The map showed something that had never been seen on any on other map before. In the back of my mind I never have forgot this and there has always been a sense of “map finding envy” in the air. That was until the other day…

I was leaving my top thrift store last weekend when I noticed behind a cash there was a giant framed map. The lady said it was for sale because someone just returned it.

I thought perhaps someone had the same idea as me and thought, man this could be valuable [but it wasn’t] or they brought it home to their wife and she said that isn’t my thing. The fun thing is I don’t care – sometimes not knowing is the best part.

I will let you know if my map is all that! I am going to inspect it with a fine tooth comb.





Rare and Popular Vintage Playboy

Hello there,

img_7532I am gonna tell it like it is – Tuesdays can be tame.

Mondays are mostly miserable because the weekend is done. They are often so busy you don’t even remember them!

Wednesday is Hump (Hopeful) Day meaning you are half way done the work week and you can be proud of that.

Thursday is good & cheap appetizer day at most bars and restaurants. Gotta love discount hot wings, nachos and beer!


Saturday is fun day (you can have so much fun and not worry about the next day)

Sunday is chill and chore day which usually involves pjs, good food and catching up on some home things which feels G-R-E-A-T.

I am going to make today (Tuesday) a little more risqué and tell you all about my vintage Playboy collection.

I got my hands on quite a few 1970-1990’s magazines and man are they entertaining to read, I just kinda skimmed through them. There is SO much more to them the naked ladies!

I adopted these and I am going to send them to a good home real soon. They are in mint condition (except for two). It is somewhat interesting to think who’s hands these have been in…

img_7533Farrah, Sable and Nancy Sinatra grace the covers just to name a few and along with this free lot I got a signed photo of Marilyn Lange Playmate of the Year (1976) and an old Raquel Welch Bra and Panties Catalogue.

In recent years nudity in Playboy has become a no no so I believe the value of these vintage beauties will be on the rise.

Some of mags only sell for $3-$5 each but the more collectible ones can go for $29.99+. There are some really good price estimators online and Amazon is also a good judge. I also learned today of Rustler Magazine. I got the 1981 (Tanya Roberts) mag which appears to sell for $90CAD  online as it stands. Not to shabby!

If you see these around at garage sales on the cheap PICK EM UP.



Rehab? Yes, Yes, Yes – Share This Video With the World

Dear Vintage + Antique Friends & Family,

I would like to see how far this rehab awareness video (recreated) can go.

Please share my video on your Facebook, Twitter or like the Video on You Tube and write a comment if you can.

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With one share, together, we can really spread the message:

  • Reasons why you may not seek help
  • Why you should seek help
  • What you may need
  • How rehab may help

Some of the best people die young and it is avoidable. This is a cover for the Amy Winehouse Foundation BACKTOBLACK10 competition.

I am very passionate about this topic since I lost someone very close to me recently because they did not seek help. I want to spread the word via sharing this video, my voice and personal thoughts with the world.

Amy Winehouse had such powerful music that will be in my collection forever.

Thank you for caring & sharing,